We know focused communities have the power to make people grow at an individual level and as a group have the ability to improve the world we live in. Therefore we make tools to allow all of that to happen.

There are 3 core principles (MAM) we believe in and most of our efforts go into these.

#1 Movement

It is necessary to have movement to be in sync with the flow of life. As soon as you find comfort in a state of inertia, you'll notice all sort of illnesses creep into your body.

Without a healthy body, you are of limited use to yourself and everyone around you. That's why you need a form of exercise daily which can be as simple as walking or as extreme as doing parkour.

#2 Arts

As human beings, we experience a lot of emotions during our lifetime. When you're not able to let out feelings such as anger, frustration, sadness and pain, they become a poison to you for as long as you keep them in.

Involve yourself in a form of art such as dancing, music or drawing. Not only do they allow you to express how you truly feel inside but they also empower you to unleash your creative side.

#3 Meditation

Know yourself first, then everything around you will make more sense. Once you're able to look within you and find the true YOU, you will live life with purpose.

Then compassion will be innate and your actions toward others and mother nature will be pure.


  • Dec 2010 Initial Conception
  • April 2011 Launch in MU
  • Feb 2016 Expanded to UK
  • Jan 2019 Global Communities
  • Founder Gices
clever dodo

Our Story

We started off as a Q&A site for Mauritius to fill in the gap in knowledge about the country for both tourists and locals.

In Feb 2016, we launched a .co.uk version of the site but this was mainly to help British citizens.

Then in Jan 2019, we merged both the .mu and .uk site into a .com to create a bigger community and to become more aligned with our vision.